About Us

Long story short, we buy, sell and recycle everything under the sun with the plan to reduce waste streams worldwide. If you want the polished explanation, see below. 

ARCA leads the reverse logistics industry by providing Agile, Sustainable, and Transparent solutions to solve the world’s most daunting material disposition challenges.

At ARCA, we believe that Technology, Transparency, and Sustainability will fix a broken liquidation industry and prove that your trash is someone else’s treasure. Buyers and Sellers have unique challenges regarding storage space, liquidity, and trust. ARCA solves these problems with industry-leading technologies, practices, and has assembled a team of creative experts to assist organizations in overcoming these challenges. ARCA’s end-to-end proprietary solutions include:

Material Processing

ARCA receives, processes, and accurately manifests all types of material. Once processed, the material is ready for re-commerce or recycling solutions. Our ability to process all material and account for every last pound sent to ARCA is fundamentally different from our competitors’ practices, and brings an innovative level of transparency to the industry.


ARCA has developed a vast network of solutions that enable us to obtain for you the highest value for your material. Our supply chain reintroduction solutions include: e-commerce, direct to consumer sales, wholesaling, auctions, “LiquiDirect” and “Build Your Own Lot”. The combination of these solutions is unique to the industry and separates ARCA from our competitors.


ARCA understands that money isn’t everything. If a product cannot be resold, or repurposed through our various methods, we do the right thing by our client and the planet; we properly recycle the material.

Clients of ARCA save time and money by allowing us to manifest, sell and recycle their unwanted, obsolete, return, and surplus material on their behalf. The previous status quo liquidation methodology is highly fragmented and often provides organizations with little financial return, and even less brand integrity. Instead, ARCA clients focus on running their businesses and pursuing new opportunities, while we get the highest returns for our clients’ materials with transparency and the latest environmentally conscious standards.